ATC Training Regulation of IVAO Switzerland


An initial training is needed for EVERY new position level

  • FLIGHT INFORMATION (FSS)These trainings can be done in either Zürich or Geneva.Example: a member previously trained in Zürich for Delivery acquires the AS2 rating. Before being allowed to control Apron, he must have a training on that position.

A training is only considered valid if done by an approved trainer of the Switzerland division. In any case, having a training doesn’t guarantee the member will be approved for the position. The trainer has to give his explicit approval. The trainee may be requested to do another training before opening the position.

Any Switzerland staff member may observe members, and, if it is apparent that the controller has insufficient skills or knowledge for the position, may ask him to have another training before connecting again.

What kind of trainings/exams do we offer?

Training Exam

Delivery (DEL)

As a beginner with your new AS1 (ATC Applicant) Rating you need to learn the basics first. Every station which is higher than delivery, automatically include the Delivery Position, if no ATC-Controller is online as Delivery Controller, therefore it is essential, that this position must be know in the beginning.

Practical subjects

  • Fill out the ATIS
  • Check flight plans
  • Label aircraft (flight strip)
  • Issue IFR clearance

Theoretical themes

  • Phraseology
  • Decode METAR/TAF
  • SID chart interpretation
  • Y and Z flight plan
  • TRL/TA and QNH/QFE


Please read through the documentation provided by IVAO.AERO to be ready for your first training.
AS1 – AS3 Documentation

There is no practical exam for Delivery (DEL)