Guest Controller Approval


IVAO Switzerland staff took the decision to participate in the Guest Controller Approval (GCA) program. Effective 1st of July 2010 the following lines were added to IVAO’s Rules and Regulations: 5.1.7 “Divisions may require members of foreign divisions to obtain a Guest Controller Approval before being allowed to log on FRA restricted positions. Divisions shall announce their participation and publish their requirements on the division’s website”. As of 1st of April 2014 this R&R also applies to Switzerland. We were facing a lot of ATC tourism in Switzerland preventing our own controllers from having fun and worse, offering bad ATC service. These are the main reasons why we now participate in this program.

Rules and Regulation

We strongly recommend having a training session before applying for a GCA, or at least observing an experienced controller at work. In case you left the division less than 12 months ago, no GCA will be accepted. Furthermore, you should know that the Swiss division reserves the right to give its members priority for controlling at events.

GCA checkout

Each candidate to a GCA should choose the major airport (LSGG or LSZH) which he/she wishes to control. The GCA checkout (and any requested training) will then take place on the airport’s Tower position (LSGG_TWR or LSZH_TWR), regardless of the candidate’s ATC rating. ADC exam conditions will be applied (no Apron, Ground or Delivery station connected).

Subsequent trainings

Once the GCA checkout is passed, the GCA holder may control every Tower position in Switzerland, and corresponding lower positions (Apron, Ground, Delivery), except for the other major airport.
Example: If the checkout was done in Zürich, the GCA holder cannot control Geneva without the corresponding training.

If the GCA holder wishes to control Approach or Radar positions (and holds the appropriate rating, he/she will have to request the corresponding training, in order. A training must be done on an Approach position, and the trainee must be released for this position, before a training on Radar position can be considered. The normal training regulation applies.